Ogorje 21st of February 1951

Dear brother,
First, I can tell you that we are well thank God and I wish you the same. Now my dear brother what to tell as I havenít heard from you for a year. I wrote you two letters, or three I think but no letter from you. You sent the package and I received it a month ago and I didnít wrote back immediately because I was waiting for your letter. That is why my dear brother I am worried and afraid that my sister in law is ill or she had died because in the last letter to Mother you wrote that she is sick. That is why I am asking you to write back and tell us if you are alive and well. Now my dear brother write to me about Jakov how is he how is he living, how are you in-laws are they alive and well (page 1). Now let me write to you about what is new here, nothing new, we had a nice winter no snow only on mountains, but it rains all the time since the fall. Now receive a greeting from your sister Cvita, she received a package and she thanks you for remembering her, she is also well. Now my dear brother receive a greeting from all of us, you your wife and your children and say hi to your in-laws. Bye your brother Jozo

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