Ogorje 2nd of February 1950

Dear sister in law
First, I can tell you that we are alive and well and I wish you the same, good health and I wish you a very Happy New Year and may you spend it in good health and happiness as you did the last. Now I can tell you that I was very happy when I received your letter because I have not received your letter for a year. I am glad to hear that you are all alive and well and that your kids are doing great in school. I am glad that you remember me and that you sent the picture and I am glad that your kids know Croatian they can correspond with my children and after we die. Now what you write to me that you would like to come for a visit and that is also my wish but I know it is not possible because it is very expensive. Now let me write to you about my children (page 1) three are at home two younger daughters and the youngest in the family son Ivan. Mate is in Sinj, Grga and Ante are in Rijeka working, Jakov is in Banat in police and daughter Marta got married in Milesina. Now what you write and ask if my sons are married, they are not these are bad times here they have enough to dress and feed themselves. Now what you write about Ivan Gugic he is familiar to me but you didnít write about where is he from and if he came back there, write about that and I would love to see him. Now let me write about your sisters, they are all well. Now what you ask if we see Ivan Grunic, we saw him couple of times he is alive and well. Now what you write not to be offended that Jakov is not writing, I am not because when you write to me I know that you love me and my children and I know that Jakov will not forget me as his brother. Now let me write about the winter it was cold here last four days, but there is no snow only on the mountains. Now receive a greeting from your sisters and me your brother and uncle from my family, my wife Marija and little Ivan Jandra me your brother and uncle Jozo Radja

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Jim Radja
Vienna, Virginia, US of A

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